Allow the experienced agents of the Auburn Agency help you by tailoring a policy to the specific elements of your property and needs of your family.

Why do I need Homeowner’s Insurance?  Homeowner’s policies can provide coverage for damage to your home, personal property and your personal liability for injuries caused to another person and/or their property.  For example, homeowner’s insurance provides coverage in the event that you suffer a fire in your home that destroys part or all of your house and its contents; homeowner’s insurance provides coverage if a guest on your property falls and is injured; and homeowner’s insurance will provide a legal defense if you are subject to a lawsuit from an injured party.

What kinds of policies are available?  The Auburn Insurance Agency offers the following different types of policies which can be tailored to your specific needs:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance:  provides property coverage to the dwelling and other structures on the property, personal property and liability coverage for an insured’s single or multi family home.
  • Condo Insurance:  provides coverage for your personal property and building items belonging to the owner of a condominium or cooperative unit, and personal liability for the insured when people are injured or suffer property damage in the insured’s condo or coop unit.
  • Renter’s Insurance:  provides coverage for the personal property held within an insured’s apartment as well as liability coverage.
  • Dwelling Insurance:  provides coverage for properties that an insured owns but does not occupy such as rental properties.